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Luau Party Decorations

The traditional style Hawaiian Party Decorations feature natural flowers and leafy plants such as the Flower Garland, the flower petals or the Ti Leaf Decorations.  For pop culture Luau Party Decorations, consider designs like the Aloha Banner or the Luau Party Decorations cutout set. For decorating large spaces, see our Luau Scene Setters.
aloha banner
This Luau Decoration is a green fringe banner with 'ALOHA' letters, 4 feet long and 10 inches tall.

silk flower garland
Rainbow silk flower garlands are nice accents for decorating a Luau Party.  The 9 feet garlands are made of silk flower leis petals.

hibiscus silk flower petals
The Hibiscus flower petals are pleasant accents for the tables of your Luau Party.  The bag contains 24 silk flower petals.

hibiscus door fringe
The Hibiscus Door Fringe has artificial grass and silk Hibiscus flowers, 32 inches wide and 12 inches tall.

grass deck fringe
Grass Deck Fringe made of nylon with silk flowers 24 feet long. only $14.89.

hot coals runner luau party decoration
The Hot Coals Runner is a Luau party decoration 10' long and 24" wide to simulate hot coals at a Luau Party.

silk flower curtain
This is a rainbow silk flower curtain for a doorway or entry way to your Luau Party, 30 inches wide by 81 inches tall.

luau door cover decoration
Plastic Luau Door Cover with a picture of a Hula Girl and the word Luau. Good indoor and outdoor Luau Decoration.

hula girl centerpiece
The Hula Girl Centerpieces are great Luau Decorations for your tables, 14 inches tall.

luau party decorations
The set of 4 Luau Party Decorations (often called cutouts) with designs on both sides, 20 inches tall.
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palm tree centerpiece
The Palm Tree Centerpieces are great Luau Party Decorations for your tables.

pineapple decorations
Set of 2 art-tissue Pineapple Decorations for a Luau or Hawaiian Party, 12 inches tall.

ti leaf decorations
Set of 5 plastic Ti Leaf Decorations. These are traditional style Hawaiian Decorations.
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